Learn How To Pay For College & Save Thousands

How To Pay For College 101

Get More Money For College Without Taking On Too Much Student Loan Debt

What Every Family Needs To Know About Paying For College

You know that college remains one of the best ways to ensure a bright future for your children, right?

And yet, the cost of college continues to rise at nearly twice the rate of inflation annually, making it increasingly difficult for normal families to afford this life-enriching experience.

We help you solve this problem by teaching you creative strategies to reduce the cost of college, and find more money for college in places you didn't know about...so your child graduates with manageable (or no) student loan debt.

Get a carefully laid out, step by step template any family can follow to navigate the college funding & admissions process — and make the system work in your favor for a change.

Our new course, How To Pay For College 101 — Get More Money For College Without Taking On Too Much Student Loan Debt, is made especially for normal families who want to learn for themselves how to make this difficult process easier...without paying a professional...and still save big.

You get detailed, easy to follow HD videos & supplemental resources that walk you through a proven strategy. No one else makes this intimidating process any simpler than Matt Carpenter & Bill Rabbitt of College Funding Services (CFS).  

In addition, get monthly Q&A webinars with the creators, Matt & Bill, so you can never mess this up. You'll have live access to the CFS founders once a month throughout the whole college planning process. Bring your toughest cases to the table, and with 25 years of combined experience there is no case they haven't seen, and no college they haven't worked with.

We designed this course for families who choose to navigate this process alone but still would like some professional guidance (without the price of having CFS do all the work for you).

Even if you spent hours and weeks online trying to piece it all together yourself, you couldn't learn everything we'll teach you about reducing the cost of college.

How To Pay For College 101 is laid out so that you just get the most important information when you need it, without wasting your time.

Take advantage of our 25 years of combined experience, and benefit from all the lessons we've learned from helping 1000s of families save on the cost of college.

Learn more about who we are below.
But first, check out what you get in How To Pay For College 101...

You'll get all of this when you join us for How To Pay For College 101...

  • See how most families’ approach to paying for college is all wrong, and avoid their mistakes.
  • Learn a better way to fund your children's college education, and be sure you aren't over-paying.
  • Get solutions for families that make too much for need-based financial aid, but not enough to write a check stress free for all 4 years.
  • Learn to save a ton of money at the best colleges, even if you thought you'd have to pay "sticker price".
  • Get your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) down with creative financial strategies.
  • Find out the secret to making the federal financial aid system work for you.
  • Become a savvy shopper. Learn to identify the best value colleges based on aid awards, and more vital criteria you probably haven't considered.
  • Get little known ways to find more "free money" for college & reduce the cost of tuition.
  • Capture value that's available to all family's regardless of income.
  • Create your family's college funding plan...just like the best financial advisors do for big fees.
  • Learn to confidently negotiate a better financial aid award.
  • Find the options that exist to reduce the cost of college for families with average incomes & average students. There are options for "normal" students. They don't have to be valedictorians & star athletes to get merit-based aid money.
  • Get lifetime access! You can always reference your membership in How To Pay For College 101, as needed, as each child enters the admissions phase.
  • Free updates! We'll update the numbers where appropriate each year.
  • And much more when you sign up for the course...

Take advantage of 4 huge bonuses when you get started now...

Bonus #1 — CFS/How To Pay For College 101 Online Group Coaching Program
  • Get monthly Q&A webinars with Matt & Bill so you can never mess this up.
  • You'll have live access to us once a month throughout the whole college planning process.
  • Bring your toughest cases to the table, and with 25 years of combined experience there is no case we haven't seen, and no college we haven't worked with.
  • Get previous webinars organized into a library where you can refer back to other people's questions, and our answers.
  • And, you get lifetime access! So, if you need to take a year off between children, you can return at any time to get back into the Q&A sessions.

Bonus #2 — Senior Year Optimized Timeline...

  • Although it's better to start preparing sophomore or junior year, most families still wait until senior year.
  • We'll layout a month by month plan with detailed action steps of exactly what the student & parents must do when.
  • Watch a video dedicated to each month's action plan (in order) so you always know the right things to do, stay on target, and don't get overwhelmed.
  • Doing these steps out of order, or waiting until the last minute produces a ton of stress for too many families. This timeline makes it easy for you to do everything right.
  • We'll show you how to manage the application process, aid awards appeals process, and financial elements so your family doesn't suffer the stress & anxiety of those who try to to this all themselves.

Bonus #3 — How Scholar Athletes Can Get Themselves Recruited...

  • Get this webinar from our friend, Brian Scanlon of The Recruiting Coaches, that outlines what an athlete can do to get recruited by coaches.
  • Any scholar athlete can watch this video to learn how the recruiting process works in general. He uses baseball as an example.
  • This video also demonstrates the importance of preparing for college funding as early as freshman & sophomore year.

Bonus #4 — Free SAT Reading, Writing, and Math Course (while supplies last)...

  • First Choice College Placement has created our favorite SAT prep course.
  • We're giving away their excellent training course to the first 50 people who purchase How To Pay For College 101.
  • So, buy today before this bonus expires.
  • This is a $249 value, so it's like getting two outstanding courses for the price of one.

This is perfect for your family if...

  • You make too much money for need-based financial aid, but not enough to write a tuition check stress free for 4 years.
  • You feel stressed out by the whole college planning process.
  • The rising cost of tuition has you terrified.
  • You're afraid the choices are either: delay retirement, or stick your student with a huge debt load upon graduation.
  • You feel "lost in the woods" and don't know where to get the best information & who to trust.
  • You need extra hand holding along the way, and like to participate in the monthly Q&A webinars that you get as a free bonus when you purchase How To Pay For College 101 by October 31st.

This isn't for you if...

  • You aren't willing to put in the work necessary to create your family's ideal plan in the way we teach you.
  • You don't like following detailed instructions, and try to do it "your own way".
  • You think you already have all the answers.
  • You'd rather pay a professional to just do it for you.

Over the years, we've addressed all these fears for clients, and successfully solved their biggest concerns. Other families, just like yours, are going through this same period of uncertainty.

When you buy How To Pay For College 101 we'll show you exactly how to avoid all these problems that lead too many families to become a statistic in the student loan crisis.

A college degree remains the best path to a successful future for most American kids. Whether or not the parents, or student will shoulder the debt burden — we'll teach you a better way to shop for the right college & how to pay for it (without robbing mom & dad's retirement, or saddling the student with massive debt).

It's time you learned what the flaws are in this system, and how to make it all work out in your favor — instead of in favor of the colleges and federal government for a change.

If, until now, you've been freaking out about how your family will pay for college...you can finally take the stress & anxiety out of the college funding process.

At last, here's an easier way to learn how to save on the cost of college. See more details below...

Course Curriculum

Disclaimer: Setting realistic expectations
What happens when you make too much to get need based aid, but not enough to write a check stress-free for all 4 years?
Creative financial strategies to lower your Estimated Family Contribution
Fill out the CSS Profile right, so you get more money...
How to make the most of traditional borrowing options, without too much debt.
Optimize your borrowing strategy with non-traditional options...
How small business owners can maximize aid allowance.
BONUS: CFS/How To Pay For College 101 Online Group Coaching Program
BONUS: How Scholar Athletes Can Get Themselves Recruited

What's included?

28 Videos
7 Texts
14 PDFs

ways to pay for college

"A year from now, your son or daughter will be a freshman in college, and you'll look back on the decision to buy How To Pay For College 101 as the single biggest action step your family took toward eliminating the stress & anxiety of the college admissions and funding process."

College Funding Services (CFS)
College Funding Services (CFS)
Know how much a given college will actually cost your family way before you have to make a decision!

About the instructors...

Dedicated to ending the student loan crisis one family at a time, College Funding Services is the leader in the field for families who need help creating a plan to pay for their children's college down to the penny.

Gen X parents will tell you their number one financial concern is paying for their children’s college. CFS takes the hassle out of creating a detailed college plan for your family. 

CFS are thought-leaders in college planning in America, and focus on a neglected area — helping families with the highly stressful and anxiety-filled college financial maze.

When you learn how to pay for college like only CFS founders, Matt Carpenter & Bill Rabbitt, can teach you — you’ll soon find your stress levels reduced, and feel empowered with a more thorough college plan than you could ever create by yourself.

Matt  Carpenter
Matt Carpenter
Founder/Managing Partner

Matt started CFS in 2005 after realizing both he and his parents had made some major mistakes in navigating the college admissions and financial aid processes. It became Matt's mission to show other families how to avoid making similar mistakes in one of the biggest investments of their life. Today, Matt is recognized as one of the nation's leading authorities within the College Funding niche. Together, with CFS, Matt has successfully guided thousands of families through the college financial aid maze.

Matt grew up in the Birthplace of American Independence, otherwise known as Ipswich, MA. He graduated from Stonehill College in 2004 after enjoying a great career in the classroom, much less so on the football field.

When he's not busy saving families from the college loan crisis, Matt enjoys hanging out with his wife Rosey, their daughter Emma, and their lab Tommy. They reside in Beverly, MA.

When the Carpenters aren't passionately supporting one of their favorite Boston teams, you might catch them at the beach, traveling, or attending a concert from any of these life-enhancing bands: My Morning Jacket, Band of Horses, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Iver or The War on Drugs.

Bill Rabbitt
Bill Rabbitt
Managing Partner

Bill started working with CFS in 2007 by helping found the NY/NJ office and is currently COO and Managing Partner. Bill's passion for the college funding space came from personal experience. Being 1 of 4 children of a blue-collar family, he witnessed his parents struggle to put 4 kids through college. He saw first hand the fear, anxiety, and stress that the process brought with it. His personal mission is to help families navigate this process in a strategic and fully educated way so as to limit the stress and cost as much as possible.

Today, Bill is recognized as one of the nation's leading authorities within the College Funding space. Bill has worked with a countless number of families from every demographic, as well as, dozens of organizations throughout the country.

These reviews for our 100% done-for-you college planning service come from just a few of our 4323 clients, and show that you can count on Matt Carpenter & Bill Rabbitt from CFS to guide you through the college planning maze better than anyone else out there...

Awesome, Results Driven Approach...
If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them.
Anna S.

Invaluable Professional Defuses The Stress...
My wife and I found Matt’s College Funding Services invaluable to us and our daughter. He was able to narrow down the wide variety of choices and defused much of the stress that goes along with the process. Matt was always available to answer any questions and kept the journey in a forward moving direction. We highly recommend College Funding Services.
Al C.

Got Us More Money Than We Would Have On Our Own...
I can’t say enough about Matt’s help. His expertise in applying for financial aid definitely helped us get more money than we would have on our own. He keeps us on track, on deadline and in step with what needs to get done. I would highly recommend College Funding Services.
George K.

Lifted A Tremendous Amount Of Stress For This Divorced Mom...
As a divorced mother of two Matt at College Funding Services has been a sigh of relief for both myself and my ex-husband. After years of sitting down for hours doing all the paperwork and with all the follow up demands of the Colleges before financial aid was rewarded their help has been extremely valuable and we are continuing to hire them for a less stressful filing of all financial forms and reminders. And we will continue until the college years are over. The amount of stress they have lifted for me is tremendous. Thank you so much Matt!
Lea S.

This Pays For Itself...
They did a great job for us at a fair price. As it turned out the service provided paid for itself with the funding we were able to receive.
Gary M.

We're now teaching you in How To Pay For College 101 everything we did for these families...so that, when you buy this course, you can do it yourself and save nearly 10x what it would cost to have us do it for you.

College planning for families"When it comes to college funding advice it is hard to know who to trust. Matt Carpenter, Bill Rabbitt, and the team at College Funding Services truly put families first. You won't find a team more passionate and experienced in providing advice and guidance to help your family make a smart college choice. The strategies and tips outlined in How To Pay for College 101 will teach you exactly what you need to know to reduce the cost of college for your family."

Joe Messinger, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, is partner and director of college planning at Capstone Wealth Partners. Captone's College Pre Approval™ process guides clients through a process that allows families to save the money they need, and eliminate the stress & anxiety they have around paying for college. In addition to working the front lines and helping families plan for college, Joe is a respected thought leader amongst financial advisors for his unique approach to college funding.

Now that you see everything you get, and how we are the best people to help your family get through this challenging process, are you interested in learning how to slash the cost of your children's college education?

"Great! We're so confident that your family can save big on the cost of college after you complete How To Pay For College 101, that we'll give you a 100% money-back guarantee."

Go through the whole course, and make your family's college funding plan. If you don't save at least $2000 — just show us your plan, and ask for a refund — you'll get all your money back. You can even keep your access to the course & try again for your other children.

Are you ready to learn a proven process you can follow to make the college investment more affordable, and the application process less stressful & more successful?

Reduce the cost of college now!

Isn't it better to spend $199 today to learn how to reduce the cost of college, than it is to have $30,000+ in student loan debt a few years from now?

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