Understanding College Financial Aid: The Broken System!

Understanding College Financial Aid

Limit the stress, anxiety, and cost of college.

This free course is designed to expose the broken college funding system and help families become educated consumers. 

Course Curriculum

Introduction / The Broken System!
Case Studies - Why School Selection is So important

What's included?

3 Videos
1 Text
2 PDFs
Bill Rabbitt
Bill Rabbitt
Managing Partner

About the instructor

Bill started working with CFS in 2007 by helping found the NY/NJ office and is currently COO and Managing Partner. Bill's passion for the college funding space came from personal experience. Being 1 of 4 children of a blue-collar family, he witnessed his parents struggle to put 4 kids through college. He saw first hand the fear, anxiety, and stress that the process brought with it. His personal mission is to help families navigate this process in a strategic and fully educated way so as to limit the stress and cost as much as possible.

Today, Bill is recognized as one of the nation's leading authorities within the College Funding space. Bill has worked with a countless number of families from every demographic, as well as, dozens of organizations throughout the country.